Too Many Maybes

Poem written & submitted by Faiswal Waiswa (Son of Woman)

It wasn’t love at first sight
But it was love,
as soon as we knew each other properly.
Yes I loved you
Without order, without reason, only faith
So I cannot tell you enough, that am sorry
Sorry that we find ourselves in this storm and I don’t know how to fix it
Just like,
you couldn’t tell me enough that you love me
Oh I used to dream that you would talk to me!
Too many maybes
Maybe it’ll all be well if you hold me well
Or maybe it is well that ends well!
Maybe we light a fire to this mess and let it swell
Just to watch it all burn down together
What if there’s a price to pay?
What if the costs of this love are even?
What if I keep on coming around, and falling down the part where you tell me you’ve never loved anyone this deeply?
What if I keep falling for you, falling with you in turn?
What if I am stuck and the only thing am sure of is that I love you?
Does that mean anything to you now?
What if am caught up in this web and you’re all that I see?
“Well, move on!”. My friends say!
Maybe I’ve lost touch of just how to.
At least promise me that you’ll smile off the memories
And you’ll save that smile for me
Even decades later!
If this storm wipes away the love, and am the only thing left in its path
Let me know when I still got room to run!

© 2022, Faiswal Waiswa. All rights reserved.

Image credit: WayHomeStudio/Freepik

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