Submit to our poetry journal

We periodically call for submission of poems for publication in our poetry journal. It is open, free and non-discriminatory.


Here are general rules and information you should know before making a submission to our journal.


— Timelines

Published every quarter. Submissions are open in the first six weeks of each quarter. And it is 100% free and open, no fees, no discrimination.


— Themes

At the start of every quarter, we announce a single theme or a set of themes for poems you can submit to the journal. Overall, we love poems that are bold, fearless, defy literary rules but also have the basic elements of poetry included.


— Formatting

Poems must not be less than 3 lines, more than 100 lines. Majorly written in English language, may contain not more than 20% native language.


— Eligibility

You may be located anywhere in the world, be of any race, faith, or gender, but must be above the age of 18. Your poem must not have been published anywhere else and cannot include plagiarised work in parts or whole.


— Selection

All poems submitted will be reviewed before the eighth week of the quarter and sent to judges for selection. Only 50 poems will be selected for publication in the journal each quarter.


— Distribution

Poems published in the journal will be available to readers for free on our website. While a PDF version of the journal will be available for sale via our online shop.

Ready to go ahead?

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